Dee Engineering Counterweighted Engine Kit

Dee Engineering Counterweighted Engine KitCOUNTERWEIGHTED ENGINE KIT Everything you need for a complete engine upgrade in ONE time-saving, money-saving kit! For all 1300-1600cc enginesmachining required on cases and heads Kit includes: genuine OEM counterweighted crank for a true matched performa

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Dee Engineering Chromoly Head Stud Set 8 Mm

Dee Engineering Chromoly Head Stud Set 8 MmCHROMOLY STUD KIT Precision-made super-strong chromoly steel studs…the best insurance against breakage you can buy! Replaces vulnerable head studs in high-compression high-horsepower engines Kit includes studs (including special long stud for late case),

Price: $80.99
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Dee Engineering Chrome Plated Stock Crank Pulley

Dee Engineering Chrome Plated Stock Crank PulleyCHROME-PLATED STOCK CRANK PULLEY For Air-cooled Volkswagen Custom “degree ring” pulley Machined and polished chrome finish aluminum Stock 1600 size with original timing marks Stock-size pulley has same diameter as original. Note: Not for fuel-injected eng

Price: $32.99
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Dee Engineering Billet Sand-Seal Dipstick

Dee Engineering Billet Sand-Seal DipstickBILLET SAND-SEAL DIPSTICK Essential off-roading equipment Great-looking billet aluminum dipstick features a positive seal around the dipstick guide tube to prevent sand and dirt from damaging your engine case

Price: $35.99
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Dee Engineering 40-Piece Lock Nut Kit For Vw

Dee Engineering 40-Piece Lock Nut Kit For Vw40-PIECE LOCK NUT KIT High-quality original-equipment-type hardware for do-it-yourself repairs For ’49-79 air-cooled Volkswagens Kit includes an assortment of lock nuts (with nylon insert) for case halves, manifolds, fuel pump or generator/alternator stan

Price: $9.49
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Bugpack Straight-Cut Adjustable Timing Gear Set

Bugpack Straight-Cut Adjustable Timing Gear SetSTRAIGHT-CUT ADJUSTABLE TIMING GEAR SET For VW 1300-1600cc engines Removes thrust loads on cam bearing Requires less HP to drive than stock gear Extra-strong wide steel gear for long life Complete with bolts plus 0deg., 2deg. and 4deg. special washers for

Price: $142.99
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Bugpack Stainless Steel Firewall Kits

Bugpack Stainless Steel Firewall KitsSTAINLESS STEEL FIREWALL KITS Beautiful and far more resistant to rust and corrosion than chrome! Choose 3-pc. or one-pc. kit For ’49-78 Volkswagen Beetles, Super Beetles and Baja Bugs Mirror-like stainless steel firewall installs easily with pop rivets o

Price: $62.99
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Bugpack Racing Valve Cover

Bugpack Racing Valve CoverRACING VALVE COVER Polished super-strong heavy-duty cast aluminum Built-in clearance for high-lift rocker arms Cast-in bosses on the ends Drilled and tapped for breather fittings. Cast-in “BUGPACK” name. Venting of cover required for high-performance engi

Price: $123.99
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Bugpack Chromoly Push Rod Set 4130

Bugpack Chromoly Push Rod Set 4130CHROMOLY PUSH ROD SET 4130 chromoly steel withstands the demands of high RPMs and heavy spring loads 3/8″ diameter to resist flex and prevent damage to other valve-train component

Price: $90.99
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EMPI Swivel-Foot Valve Adjusting Screws

EMPI Swivel-Foot Valve Adjusting ScrewsSWIVEL-FOOT VALVE ADJUSTING SCREWS Won’t mushroom valve tiphelp prevent valve stem wear and failure. Ensure positive valve lash. Rocker stand shims are included to accommodate added length.

Price: $26.99
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